The 5 Cutest Unicorn Earrings

The 5 Cutest Unicorn Earrings

Unicorns... our beloved horned horses. They are majestic, beautiful and always represent positive qualities, such as freedom, purity, innocence, joy and hope. So, what's better than express our passion and love for Unicorns by accessorizing with something that reminds them? We decided that Unicorn Earrings would be the perfect place to start our article serie about accessorizing the Unicorn way.

We are not going to lie... picking just 5 pairs of unicorn earrings for this article was not easy. We have found so many that merited a spot or at least a honorable mention that we will most likely write another article in the coming weeks.

So how did we pick the 5 cutest Unicorn Earrings?

As we said, it was not easy... we kept going back and forth and coming up with a 10/15 pairs long list. We needed some hard data to base our choices on and finally we were able to come up with a series of criteria:

  1. Price vs Value perceived;
  2. #Sales and popular opinion;
  3. Our taste!

Ok, ok, we know that the 3rd criteria is very subjective but you have to remember that we are still choosing the "cutest" pair of unicorn earrings... an accessory must elicit some kind of emotional response otherwise it does not make sense, right?

Great, now that we are all on the same page what do you think if we start with our list? Remember that we are not ranking from best to worst, it's just a random order list of the 5 cutest Unicorn Earrings. So, in no specific order here are the cutest Unicorn Earrings:

The 5 cutest Unicorn Earrings

1. Unicorn Silver and Opal Studs

 Unicorn Silver and Opal Earrings

We love these opal studs Unicorn earrings because they’re fun, easy and colorful and aren’t too heavy for when you want to stack up multiple earrings.




2. Ear Bone Conjoined Unicorn Designer Earrings

Ear Bone Conjoined Golden Designer Unicorn Earrings

We think these designer conjoined Unicorn earrings are really dope and definitely draw attention to one's ‘earscape’, as they call it.




3. Unicorn Colorful Violet Earrings

Violet and Cute Unicorn Earrings

We really love these colorful Unicorn earrings in particular. They are stylish, special, funny and so interesting but also effortless at the same time.




4. Fancy and Stylish Pink Unicorn Earrings

Classy Pink Unicorn Earrings

We love these asymmetric light pink zirconia Unicorn earrings because their subtlety doesn’t distract from daily wear, it almost disappears into the background while still adding elegance.




5. Unicorn Green and Blue Stud Earrings

Unicorn head Cute Earrings  

These colorful stud Unicorn earrings are a guilty pleasure... they're so light and steady that you easily forget about them. Super comfortable, cute and colorful, they are the perfect choice for the first piercing.




Cutest Unicorn Earrings: mission accomplished

We have tried to mix together different styles and different price categories so that everyone could find something interesting and right for their style and pockets. We are reasonably sure we managed but we are even more convinced now that we need to do at the very least another one of these articles about unicorn earrings: there are so many different styles, colors, materials that reducing the list to just 5 has left us with a bad aftertaste.

One thing we think we can all agree on: we experienced a cuteness overload.  These Unicorn Earrings (and most of Unicorn's products) are perfect for a myriad of occasions and if one looks closely, she will always find the right product for her.

Now you just have a couple of things to do: sign up for our newsletter in order to be informed as soon as the next list comes out, comment down below which out of the 5 unicorn earrings you like the most!

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