Our Story

The Dreaming Unicorn

A brand designed by Magic for your inner Dreamer.


“Never Stop Dreaming”

About Us

The Dreaming Unicorn is a growing brand that represents all things magical and imperfect. The idea and motivating force behind The Dreaming Unicorn are that we are all equal and that our faults are not hindrances to fulfilling ethical values. We understand that commitment is required over excuses to improve ourselves and achieve our goals: remind every woman that she is special, beautiful and an amazing human being.

The Dreaming Unicorn was founded by three friends, Irene, a girl born and raised in the USA (the creative mind), Tim (the strategist) from the UK, and Lorenzo (the money guy) from Italy (to reach any of us, send an email to info@thedreamingunicorn.com). The idea of creating an unicorn-themed Women Apparel brand came from the concept of trying to inspire women and young women that none of us can be perfect and that we cannot allow being imperfect to be a barrier in fulfilling our dreams. Our products include Women jewelry, beauty & makeup, unique home decor, and colorful fashionable clothes. We want to be your pink pill — rainbow-colored — boredom crusher — brand.

Our apparel sets trends.

The Dreaming Unicorn is a Women Apparel brand that spreads a strong message of peace, happiness, and rainbow colored magic. One common message for the whole world.

It is a basic understanding that we are all flawlessly flawed or imperfectly perfect. Flaws, imperfections, or shortfalls are expected to discourage you from being yourself and respecting yourself. However, to be flawed is not a problem as long as you value yourself and strive to improve your life to be a better HUMAN.

The Dreaming Unicorn's products are original. We want you, our partners in this journey, to feel inspired to step into their real life, respect yourselves, express your feelings, and be grateful to be one of the most valuable creations on earth. The goal of The Dreaming Unicorn is to inspire you to follow the path of self-love and self-acceptance and be at your side while you move towards your goal and reach your destination.



“To Empower Women to Express Their Unique Personality by Providing High-Quality,

Stylish, Colorful and Magical Products That Fits Every Need”

At The Dreaming Unicorn, our mission is to give a voice, an alternative way, to women to express they inner and unique beauty and strength. The Dreaming Unicorn is a place for women to feel authentic peace and grow. We offer high-quality and unique ready-to-wear designs to empowered women in a modern world with an inspiring voice. It helps women to not be afraid to express their girly girl personality, be different, unique, and strong.


We trust that every shopping experience can offer a peaceful retreat from the high paced and chaotic lives we all live. An exclusive eCommerce boutique selling women apparel, jewelry, beauty products, accessories, and home decor, mostly unicorn-themed, to make your life and your home more colorful and a little more magical. Our Ambassadors love colors (pink and the rainbow colors), are adventurous and open-minded, know how to appreciates themselves and are not afraid to take a risk—women who wear the Most Unconventionally Stylish Outfits.


Our Vision:

“To be the greatest unicorn themed women apparel brand to see the world in.”

By reading the tagline, you might have a picture of something in your mind that is unbeatable, the most amazing thing you might ever visualize because that's what The Dreaming Unicorn is. We genuinely think that the moment you wear our outfits, don our jewelry, carry our accessories, you can Feel Pretty, Stylish, Classy, Unique and Unconventional.


We trust that it goes beyond just a buying experience. It is our vision to inspire women to understand that fashion is a way to express themselves. We planned to establish a brand to incite women to express how special, beautiful, and amazing they are. We genuinely hope you would be reminded of how different and unique you are when you use our products.

We want you to go out there to be a trendsetter.

You've got all the magic abilities you need inside you.

Redefine yourself, experience us.

You are The real Dreaming Unicorn.



"We want to encourage women to move beyond their fashion boundaries. We want them to choose happiness and freedom.

Love the way you are. Fill the World with your Magic!

-The Dreaming Unicorn


Core Values:

  1. Accountability: We are fully responsible for our words and acts and to develop confidence and trust in the commitment to excellence.
  2. Collaboration: We believe in We're creating the best team to make a real change.
  3. Communication: We talk honestly and frankly and share our thoughts and knowledge.
  4. Celebrate life: We're working hard, but we are building a better world by doing things that give us strength and that we are passionate about.
  5. Keep it remarkable: We support and work on brilliant ideas; our goal is to bring a big change.
  6. Honesty: We are unwavering in our honesty, and we are passionate about everything we do.
  7. Customer care: Our attention to details, quality and all around customer experience will always be a significant aspect of how we do business and fulfill our commitments.
  8. High-Quality Products: With combining the creativity and magic that holds the power of dreaming, we create colors that fit with every personality. The magic that gives a colorful feel to every woman.
  9. Loyalty to our Customers: We consider them Ambassadors of our brand and of our ideals.